Slew of movies

The grandparents have Robin this weekend, so we’ve been catching up on the DVR by watching some movies.

  • Blades of Glory: The DVR failed to record it, but claimed it was there. This may have been a secret blessing, but I’ll try recording it again this week.
  • Crank: Not a bad movie, especially if you looked at the cast (Jason Statham) and adjusted your expectations accordingly.
  • Children of Men: A decent movie, but depressing and bleak. And, for some reason, Clive Owen‘s character kept reminding me of Alan Rickman‘s Metatron from Dogma.
  • The Departed: Star studded cast, excellent cinematography, well-crafted script and plot. Great movie in general. My only complaints would be: there are a couple loose ends left hanging at the end of the movie and Jack Nicholson was ad libbing too much, though I’m sure the ad libbed material improved the film.
  • Man of the Year: Robin Williams, Christopher Walken and Lewis Black walk into a movie….And 2 hours later you are just glad it’s over. Not a terrible movie, but not worth paying to see either.

And, now back to your regularly scheduled March Madness.

Movie Reviews

For some reason, the wife and I have been on an odd movie kick:

Next up, Life of Brian.

SuperSize Me

Alisha and I went to see SuperSize Me at Boardman’s Art Theatre last night. Definitely worth seeing, though the squeamish may have to look away during a couple parts. And, like others, it seemed to have an other than intended effect of making us crave McDonalds and other fast food. Maybe he’s on to something there.

Before the movie was a trailer for Fahrenheit 9/11, which I’m not sure I should see. Just the trailer was enough to get me pissed off at Dubya all over again.

And here are pictures of the flooding at my parents house last Friday.


Friday night Alisha and I went to see Van Helsing at the Lorraine. The sound was great, the picture was great, the content stunk. If you were going in with low expectations, you were not disappointed. We are hoping to go see Troy next weekend, if they get it.

Saturday I spent getting the main server at the school district moved over to new hardware and a more recent OS. My planning for this move was a little lax, so it was kind of hairy at times, but it all seems to be working now.

Sunday being Mothers Day, I spent some of it with my mother and grandmother, having a nice brunch and seeing my aunts and and cousins. Then I came home and mowed the yard, which really needed it.

And, a random link about Wankel rotary engines.