There Will Be Blood

I went to the Virginia Theatre last night to see There Will Be Blood. In general, I’d highly recommend it, but it is not for children or the faint of heart. As usual, Daniel Day-Lewis gets so far into the character that you think this is some sort of biopic about him. And, if you don’t like grating, mechanical soundtracks, be prepared to cringe repeatedly.

Next I need to see No Country for Old Men.

One thought on “There Will Be Blood

  1. There are showings of the NCFOM Blu-ray at my house pretty much whenever anybody wants to see it. 🙂 (And the same will be true of TWBB as soon as it’s released…)

    Glad you enjoyed it. I totally agree about the music. It’s weird to the point of being disturbing and invasive at points. I think it’s interesting in an experimental sense, at least.

    DD-L’s Wikipedia page has some really funny stories about his unique method of getting into a character. He’s one of a kind, that’s for sure. (When he got his Oscar, he thanked “Mrs. Plainview” in a way that made you actually question whether he’d fully let the character go or not.)

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