Pack 98 Recipe Collection

One of my Wood Badge ticket items was to document recipes that we’ve used for recent campouts in to a cookbook with directions and shopping lists. What I ended up developing should satisfy that requirement and will be useful as a handout for the dutch oven cooking class that I teach with another scouter every other year or so at Prairielands Training College, our local University of Scouting event.

My intention is to make this a somewhat living document. Suggestions for edits and/or additions are always welcome.

Download the PDF: Pack 98 Campout Recipe Collection (updated 11/8/22)

Wood Badge Training

In September and October 2018 I participated in Wood Badge training with the Prairielands Council. I met an excellent group of other scouters from many walks of life: Cub Scout leaders, Scouts BSA leaders, Venturing leaders, Order of the Arrow members, District level volunteers. And bonded even more with my fellow Owl Patrol members.

At the end of the second weekend, I came away with some new skills, new knowledge and my ticket: five significant goals to complete within 18 months. My ticket items are:

And, now I’m going to work my ticket if I can.

Dell Latitude E7440 and Windows 10 upgrade

Did you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on your Latitude E7440? Is your wireless stuck in “Airplane Mode”? Does clicking the thing to disable airplane mode just flash at you when you click it?

If so, you need to open Device Manager and disable the “Airplane Mode Switch Collection” device under Human Interface Devices. After that, you should be able to turn airplane mode off and wifi back on. How annoying.

Update for Windows 1709 (Fall Creators Update): You need to reboot after disabling the “Airplane Mode Switch Collection” device, then wifi should start working again.