The DVR that we got in July 2007 has been returned to Dish. We’re now using a ViP-612: dual tuners, 30 hours of HD recording or 200 hours of SD recording, HD OTA tuner/recording.

I think, in the end, this will cost me an extra $10 month, but it may be more. And another 24 month contract extension. Oh well, we’ve had Dish since December of 1999, no need to switch now.

And, it’s got support for external USB storage, so if you are looking for a Christmas gift idea, NewEgg gift cards are gladly accepted! They will probably get applied to a WesternDigital 1TB My Book.

Lemming, again

I hadn’t done anything recently to keep the name of this blog accurate, so I decided to follow the crowd and get an iPhone. Or, maybe I just wanted a smartphone and, like Jim, didn’t want to wait for the HTC TouchPro.

So far, it’s been working well and I like the interface. Having good wireless coverage all over campus helps with battery life and data transfer rates. Battery life hasn’t been very good, but the 2.1 update released this weekend is supposed to help with that.

2008 Sweetcorn Festival

Another Labor Day weekend, another year of Free, Hot Buttered Sweetcorn. There were a couple of improvements and changes made this year that worked out pretty well: corn was on pallets in “totes” in a reefer trailer, we had a nice donated tent over the husker for shade and we sold water and soda (in addition to the aluminum pans). Not so good was the lower total tonnage of corn that required some to go out early Monday morning and hand pick (cornjerk, if you will) another 1.2 tons so we could make it until 4pm.

Corn on the Cob

And, I spent several hours at the school district Saturday night rolling the mail server over to new hardware. That’s a task I’m glad we only have to do every few years.

Old Newspaper

My parents recently encouraged me to bring some of my old toy tractors out of their attic back to the new, larger house for Robin to play with. The tractors were wrapped with pages from The Daily Press Saturday July 19, 1986, section D. At the top of the page, was this gem:
5 years later, does America still want its MTV?
(Page D2 image)
There are some wonderful, choice quotes from the article:

Journey and Van Halen – two of the biggest names in rock’n’roll – put out new albums and don’t make videos.

Big names indeed, and they are still around today.

“I thing they finally realized that in order for [MTV and VH1] to be around for the long term, they’re going to have to act a bit more like a 24-hour TV station (with) more traditional television approaches, ” McCullaugh says. “You just can’t get by showing clips for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.”

Ha! Was this the beginning of the end of MTV as a music video channel?

Staving off stereo…Soon there will be homes with two, even three, stereo TVs…leading the sale and rental of home music videos “to become a very major product area.”

Remember when Stereo on your TV was a big deal? Me neither.

Read the scanned in articles, have a laugh. If there’s enough interest in this, there are are also articles on “one of the most striking young actresses in show business today” – Demi Moore, some guy named James Cameron who had just directed a film called “Aliens” and a gossip column with the likes of Bruce Willis, Olivia Newton-John, Bo Derek and George Hamilton.