HP Insight Remote Support and Windows Server 2008

(So that this gets into google and maybe someone else can learn from it.)

HP Insight Remote Support, when running on Windows Server 2008 has some irritating undocumented “features”.

  1. You need an entry in %systemroot%system32driversetchosts for the local machine and it’s IP address. If you don’t have this, the RSS Insight Admin Console will not be able to resolve the IP of the local machine and you will get “Unresolved” in the IP Address column of the Systems tab.
  2. Remote Support Software Manager does not like UAC. Since the Manager app is an hta application, the way around that is to Right click an Internet Explorer icon and select “Run as Administrator”, then browse to “C:Program Files (x86)HPCMRSSWMGUIswmui.hta” and open it.