Idle Hands and Houseplants

Having time between awake times of Robin leads to doing some long put off tasks, like trimming down the unruly houseplants.
Alisha has had both of these plants since sometime in college. They were in a single pot purchased from a grocery store, I believe. We’ve been meaning to trim them for quite some time, but it’s been interesting watching them grow out of control.

Fred Sr.
Fred Sr. Before
Fred Jr.
Fred Jr. Before


Fred Sr.
Fred Sr. After
Fred Jr.
Fred Jr. After

Huh, there’s actually a window in my office behind that plant?

Awake pictures

As promised, some awake pictures.


He’s practicing his Mr. Burns impression. Eventually the fingers will actually tent and drum together.


Not so pleased, but glad to be awake and on camera.

And, since some have asked:

  • Next doctors appointment is the 1 month checkup, end of the month.
  • He’s starting to fill in, haven’t been anywhere to do an official weighing but he’s eating well enough to be gaining weight.
  • Mom is doing just fine, she has a checkup appointment next week.
  • We’re all sleeping well, just not for long periods.

Family visits

Babys seem like relative magnets. Alisha’s parents came to visit last Wednesday, cooked us a nice dinner, held Robin and headed home. I wish I would have gotten some pictures, but I really didn’t think about it at the time.

My parents came by for a short visit on Thursday. They held Robin for awhile and headed out for dinner.

Today, my parents, grandparents and an aunt came over. Robin was excellent.
The Betka clan
I think just about everyone got a least one chance to hold him.
Grandpa holding Robin
We even got a bit of a family photo.
More photos.