Another URHNet blast from the past

Even farther back.
I was a senior at Hoopeston Area High School, my boss was installing wiring for CITES (then CCSO), the guy who I replaced in my current position was the “original nettech”.
A year and a half later, 18 Oct 1995, here were the counts of active URHNet connections:

The latest tally of total (active) URHnet connections, as counted
from the bootp tables:
Allen 101
CRH 386 (six contiguous Champaign halls)
FAR 168
ISR 301
LAR 20
PAR 131
Triad 12
TVD 50
TOTAL 1,169
At this time last year, the total was 391: an increase of 299%

Last fall, we probably passed that total within a few hours of opening.


We are making progress on getting my parents old house torn down. Saturday we moved a considerable amount of blown-in insulation from the attic space above the office and bathrooms to above the garage we want to keep. We also removed the carpet from several rooms, revealing linoleum and wood floors:
linoleum wood floor
We’re aiming to have the house down shortly after July 4th.
In other news, I got to drive the wife’s 2002 Camaro Z28 as it passed a milestone:
2500 miles
(Yes, that says 2500, and yes that was just last weekend.)

Thank you

Every once in a great while, you must say thank you to people like Tim Skirvin for archiving those things that later on turn out to be quite funny. Thank you for being a never ending pack rat, Tim.

(This won’t be funny to anyone outside Housing, without some explanation, but that’s fine with me.)


I love simple SQL.

select COUNT(id) as Count,FROM_UNIXTIME(MIN(oob_time_sec)) as MIN,FROM_UNIXTIME(MAX(oob_time_sec)) as MAX,INET_NTOA(ip_saddr), tcp_dport, udp_dport,icmp_type from ulog where FROM_UNIXTIME(oob_time_sec) > DATE_SUB(CURDATE(), INTERVAL 28 DAY) group by ip_saddr,tcp_dport,udp_dport order by ip_saddr;

ntconfig.pol + Group Policies = breakage

Apparently, certain settings left over from NT System Policies (ntconfig.pol) conflict so badly with Group Policy settings that the 2 never decide who wins. I just wasted two hours trying to get screen saver settings to not conflict, when the 2 are setting things in different places and something in the OS can’t decide which one takes precedence.

I guess I get to migrate all our NTConfig.pol settings over to group policies tommorrow. I’ve been putting it off until we close, and that’s passed, but we’ve got a giant conference coming in tomorrow and I’d hate to break something. Oh well.

Update: Knowledgebase article 257939 has something to say about this phenomenon.

Head em’ up and move em’ out

It’s finals week here at the University of Illinois, so campus is packed with parents hauling home the equivalent of 1/2 of one dorm room’s worth of detritus.

Moms trying to fit 3 cu. ft. fridges in the trunks of Impalas, dads sweating like hogs carrying bags of shoes and vomit stained t-shirts as their daughters stumble along, groggy either from the mass of bar-scars on the backs of their hands or finals, no one is sure. And, since the weather is so nice, the finer features of working on a college campus abound.

We’ve been taking back returned mini-hubs (and mini-switches) since Monday. 1740 items have been returned so far, but there’s still another 5400 out there. (We count the hub and the power supply as seperate items, so that’s about 2700 pairs to come in yet.) Computer labs close at 5 pm today, a few places are open for hub return tomorrow, commencement is on Sunday.

Another year gone by. Has it really been 7 years since I graduated from here?


My wife has taken up knitting and has been working away on a blanket. Have you ever seen those really big rolls of yarn at the craft store and wondered how big a blanket you could get?
Click on the picture, then you’ll know. That’s what you get.

Pickled Eggs

Saturday night I made a batch of pickled eggs. Now the tough part, waiting two weeks to see what they taste like. Since I don’t have any “real” canning stuff, I could only boil one quart jar in a large pot, so if I have a lid seal go bad I’ll have to toss the whole batch. Next time I think I’ll use pint jars instead, smaller and easier to boil. I’ll try to get a picture up tonight.

And the leftover onions and peppers went into some Not-So-Sloppy Sloppy Joe mix the next day.

Update: As promised, a picture of Pickled Eggs in their natural habitat, the bottom of the pantry.
Pickled Eggs