More Firefox

So, I’ve been chasing this annoying bug where Firefox will use the Windows Media Player 6.4 plugin instead of the WMP 9 one. Then it only gets the decoders from WMP 6.4, not all the spiffy new ones from WMP 9.
Well, seems I should have been searching the mozillazine forums more, as it’s answered on this page.

Of course, these come with their own set of bugs: #193883, #201843.

perl code

I’m working on a webform to compare the tax impacts of various levels of 403(b) deductions. And I can tell its been some time since I wrote any perl or even any web forms. But, I’m using some cool data structures:

my %monthly = (
        single  => [ 26767, 12392, 5708, 2567,  808, 221, 0 ],
        married => [ 27175, 15463, 9838, 5396, 1858, 667, 0 ],

Hopefully I’ll get this figured out in the next couple nights.

Firefox frustration

In trying to roll out the new Firefox 0.8 to our student sites, I went searching for an unattended install method. Most modern apps support this, and it makes how we distribute applications MUCH easier. Hell, even GAIM and the windows port of the GTK support this.
There does appear to be rudimentary support for unattended installs, once you grab the exploded archive out of the temp directory (this is common practice). Flip a couple strings in the well commented CONFIG.INI file, and should be ready to go. NOT! It still pops a dialog asking where you want to install to. So much for unattended. There is a bug report about it, maybe it will get fixed.

Give Blood!

Alisha met all the ‘important people’ at Carle today for her new job, and I had to go pick her up when she got done. We decided to stop in and see my grandmother, who has been in and out of Carle and Hoopeston hospitals since just after Thanksgiving. (She’s got a CDIF infection that she just can’t shake.) She looks much better than the last time I saw her a couple weeks ago.

And then we gave blood. Have you recently? I highly recommend it.