Happy Birthday Robin!

mmmm, cupcake!
mmmm, cupcake!

Robin is one year old today, the party was fun. Doctor’s appointment tomorrow afternoon so we’ll know just how much he weighs and how long he is. Pictures over at the albums. The car seat got turned around yesterday, now he gets to see where we’re going, sort of.

Shoretel VoIP evaluation

The last few days at work have put the DNS RFP on the back burner and pushed me towards learning lots of new terms: DID, PSAP, NANP and ACD.

So far, the setup for the eval seems to be going well, the onsite technical guy from the vendor knows his stuff and the right people to call when he doesn’t know the answer. We’ve had a couple bumps in the road from Ameritech, T1 PRIs and the goofyness that is the campus Centrex system. But, we’re working around them and hopefully deploying phones to ~15 people between now and Friday. Shoretel essentially sent us one of every product they make in the VoIP sector, and we’re trying to put it all to good use.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to post about the outcome of this evaluation, assuming I’m allowed to by the NDA I have to sign at some point.

Recent reading

For Christmas, I got World War Z and The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster from Jim. Both of these were very quick reads.

WWZ took me just under a week to read, the writing is good, the story is good, much better than Brooks’ first try, The Zombie Survival Guide. Apparently there was a bidding war over the movie rights, expect it to come to a theater near you in 2008. The wife is now reading it, she was out of romance fluff. Definitely worth reading, assuming you can deal with stories of cannibalism and other not so nice topics. 8/10

The Gospel was also a quick read, but mostly because it was only 165 pages, with lots of pictures and diagrams. The premise of the book is essentially an expanded send up of the Intelligent Design goofballs, claiming that a Flying Spaghetti Monster has touched us all with His Noodly Appendages. And his Chosen People are the few remaining pirates, or just about anyone willing to wear “full pirate regalia” and drink grog. Funny, but not that funny. 5/10