Shoretel VoIP evaluation

The last few days at work have put the DNS RFP on the back burner and pushed me towards learning lots of new terms: DID, PSAP, NANP and ACD.

So far, the setup for the eval seems to be going well, the onsite technical guy from the vendor knows his stuff and the right people to call when he doesn’t know the answer. We’ve had a couple bumps in the road from Ameritech, T1 PRIs and the goofyness that is the campus Centrex system. But, we’re working around them and hopefully deploying phones to ~15 people between now and Friday. Shoretel essentially sent us one of every product they make in the VoIP sector, and we’re trying to put it all to good use.

Hopefully, I’ll remember to post about the outcome of this evaluation, assuming I’m allowed to by the NDA I have to sign at some point.

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