DellWorld 2012 – Day 2

(My ears are still ringing from the awesome Camp Freddy performance last night, this post may be a little confusing.)

The morning started with a nice buffett style breakfast, laid out a little better than I’ve seen at other conferences, on par with Microsoft TechEd. It’s a small thing, but executing well on serving thousands of people in a relatively small room makes a conference better than average. I’ll try to get a picture tomorrow morning to show what I mean.
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DellWorld 2012

So, I’m going to Austin, TX this week for DellWorld 2012, courtesy of Dell and the wonderful folks at Apparently I’ve been helpful and vocal enough about Dell servers, desktops and support on Twitter and other places that they are calling me an “influencer”.

As part of that, I’m required to state that Dell flew me in to Austin for #DellWorld 2012. And paid for my hotel. And my food. So, the things that I mention here over the next few days have been influenced by this, though I’ll try really hard to be honest and clear about everything I see.
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