DellWorld 2012 – Day 1

Day 1 started with a bit of a surprise, I’m registered as “Press” for DellWorld and even my badge says so.

Once registered, we were off to a tour of TACC with a bunch of other press and analysts. We had a good presentation from a Dell exec and the Director (Jay Boisseau) on what kinds of systems are there and what kinds of scientific computing are going on. We also were given a tour of the datacenter, mostly walking through the new Stampede cluster. I was surprised to see so many APC ACRC units, double wides in Stampede and single wide ACRC100 (like we have in Housing) in the older Ranger cluster. All the chilled water piping is below the floor and they have a chiller plant just behind the building. I think our tour was given by Dr. Tommy Minyard and he mentioned that their delta-T is approximately 15 degrees F (45F entering, 60F exiting). Very similar to what I see every day (in our MUCH smaller environment).

Lunch was a very nice sit-down event with Jon Peters of AMD hosting our table. My table included some “twitterati” including: @Michael Davis, @NerdBlurt, @rolltidega and @theronconrey. Lunch was followed by a panel discussion with several Dell executives for the press.

And soon, on to ACL Live!

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