The F1 soap opera continues

NASCAR has it’s “silly season”, but F1 has the “contract recognition board”… Jensen Button seems to be staying at BAR after a sizable sum of money was given back to Williams.

So, Button and Barrichello at BAR, Mark Webber and somebody at Williams, Nick Heidfeld and somebody at the new BMW factory team and Schumi and Massa at Ferrari. And 2 fewer cylinders all around and more Bridgestone shod teams.

But still no jag-eww-arr.

New sonos

We had another doctor visit yesterday, so we’ve got more pictures. This is normally the first appointment where they do a sonogram, so the earlier ones were a bonus. For some reason, the little one wouldn’t hold still or roll over, frustrating the sonographer to no end.
“The Alien look”, as the sonographer called it, with a nice view of the spine:
The Alien View
Another eerie image:
The Ghost
Yep, that’s a foot. The little one just kept kicking and punching through the whole procedure.
a foot
Another closeup of the head:
Close up of the head

Crazy Loans

CNN/Money has a nice article that spells out some of the details of the crazy mortgages available today. “Money” quote:

“I think the creative mortgage structures have been the last puff on the real estate balloon,” says Nick Buss, vice president of market research at PNC Finance. “Consumers were already stretched, and these products have stretched them just a little bit further.”

Still Alive

We’re still on vacation, the Holiday Inn Express in Newport News didn’t have working internet access, contrary to the “2 Line T1 phones” listed in their ad. (I’ve got the ad, scan will come when I go back to work.)
Maybe I’ll get some pictures up later after we find some food here in Hurricane, WV.