Motor racing smorgasbord

Toyota is leaving the IRL, for NASCAR Nextel Cup racing? I can only wait for the Avalon jellybean or the Lexus brand to become the next Pontiac/Buick…..
NASCAR signs 8 year deal with Fox, ABC/ESPN and TNT. To quote the article:

Spreading the content around was the only way NASCAR could make deals affordable for its partners. Both Fox and NBC lost money on the last deal and in declining to extend its contract, NBC said the value the network put on the NASCAR package was far less than the asking price.

You mean turning left for 4 hours doesn’t sell advertising time?

Micheal Andretti going to try to win at Indy again.

Michelin is taking it’s toys and going home after 2006, thanks to Mr. Ecclestone. And World Champion Fernando is tired of winning, so after this season, he’s going to McLaren-Mercedes. Maybe he can keep the parts from flying off the car.

Champ Car still exists?

WRC is going to be a challenge to watch at first, all the drivers are changing makes, models and teams.

The F1 soap opera continues

NASCAR has it’s “silly season”, but F1 has the “contract recognition board”… Jensen Button seems to be staying at BAR after a sizable sum of money was given back to Williams.

So, Button and Barrichello at BAR, Mark Webber and somebody at Williams, Nick Heidfeld and somebody at the new BMW factory team and Schumi and Massa at Ferrari. And 2 fewer cylinders all around and more Bridgestone shod teams.

But still no jag-eww-arr.

Is someone at Michelin reading?

Didn’t I mention refunding tickets? Just kidding, they seem to be trying to do the right thing. The funding of some tickets for next years race is also a nice gesture. We’ll know later today how the teams fare in front of the World Motor Sport Council in Paris, but even the statement from Michelin includes some rather loaded political-looking parts. And, of course, the FIA can’t let that go.