Beach in San Francisco and Hiking

San Francisco
Beach in San Francisco

Saturday was a day trip up to Hopland, CA to visit the Real Goods store, by way of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. I wasn’t all that interested in the destination, but the drive sure was nice. (Mental note: Don’t ever buy a Pontiac Grand Prix/G6. They are fine rental cars, but they are truly typical GM.) The return trip was by way of the Oakland side of the Bay, so it was more California interstate confusion than fun drive.

Skyline Dr rest
Sky Londa on Skyline Dr
View from the trail
View from the trail

Sunday was a nice day trip up Skyline Drive to Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Area and some hiking. At the one rest stop we drove through on Skyline Dr, there were lots of people standing around admiring a small, black car. Walking over and talking to the owner, it was an RX7 body with a Corvette engine and a transmission out of a Viper…Someone with too much money.

Another week of class started today, hopefully we’ll make it to a few more attractions evenings this week.

California Ballots

In California there are things that end up on ballots called “propositions”. In 2008, there are several appearing on the February 5th primary ballot, including Proposition 93 and Props 94, 95, 96, and 97.

The first proposition is a scheme to alter the strict legislator term limits imposed in 1990 and the second group is a way to change the state Indian gaming agreements to (supposedly) help the impending state budget crisis by adding thousands of slot machines and collecting more revenue from those new slots.

The reason I’m writing about them is because the TV ads for each side of each set of propositions seem to be silly and every TV station is running each ad for each side at every commercial break. Fairness and equal time, I guess, but man do I want my DVR.