DellWorld 2013 – Days 1 and 2

So, Day 1 was fun, once my flight from Champaign got to leave the ground. The big highlight was the visit to Salt Lick BBQ for some awesome Texas BBQ. Many thanks to CiscoServerGeek for organizing the event, Gina Minks and Dell Data Protection for providing the transportation and Nexenta for the cobbler! The crowd in the private party room.

Day 2 included a DellTechcenter User Group meeting with presentations from several fellow TechCenter Rockstars:
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DellWorld 2013

I’m headed to Austin, TX next week for DellWorld 2013, courtesy of Dell and the wonderful folks at Apparently I’ve been helpful and vocal enough about Dell servers, desktops and support on Twitter and other places that they are calling me an “influencer” again this year.

As part of that, I’m required to state that Dell flew me in to Austin for #DellWorld2013. And paid for my hotel. And my food. So, the things that I mention here over the next few days have been influenced by this, though I’ll try really hard to be honest and clear about everything I see.
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