DellWorld 2013 – Days 1 and 2

So, Day 1 was fun, once my flight from Champaign got to leave the ground. The big highlight was the visit to Salt Lick BBQ for some awesome Texas BBQ. Many thanks to CiscoServerGeek for organizing the event, Gina Minks and Dell Data Protection for providing the transportation and Nexenta for the cobbler! The crowd in the private party room.

Day 2 included a DellTechcenter User Group meeting with presentations from several fellow TechCenter Rockstars:

  • Didier (aka WorkingHardInIT) talking about advanced networking offload things with HyperV in Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Kirk Jantzer (aka kirkjantzer) from talking about his journey in IT with Dell hardware and CloudStack. And he’s using Nexenta for storage in his CloudStack environment.
  • Todd Muirhead (aka virtualTodd) from VMware talking about vFRC and VSAN Performance
  • in vSphere 5.5. (And, yes, that first v is lower case and the second one is uppercase.)

Following the DTCUG, was the Exhibit Hall reception with Shadow of Whales providing some background music. And then a performance by Camp Freddy in the Austin Convention Center, including Mark McGrath, Slash, Robin Zander, Billy Gibbons and Billy Idol. I remembered earplugs this year, so I could still hear the next morning.

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