Ceiling drywall done

All the drywall on the ceiling is hung, only took us another 4 hours or so. When you are putting up whole 12′ sheets without cutting them, it goes much faster.

Now Dad needs to insulate the walls and find someplace to get 8’x54″ 1/2″ drywall so we only have one seam on the walls.

Printing a mirror image

If you’ve ever had the need to print a mirror image of a document (ie, text to put on a teleprompter), you know there’s no easy option in Microsoft Word to do it for you. And you’ve searched the web to find that the only choice is some rare versions of the HP DeskJet drivers that have “Mirrored Output” options. Don’t be fooled, there is another way!

If you’ve got an HP LaserJet, go download the PostScript driver for it. Install them. Then, we you go to print, in Printer Properties, Click the Advanced button. Expand the PostScript Options section and set Mirrorer Output to Yes. I’ve done this with both a 4100 and an 8150, so it’s probably fairly common among the newer LaserJets.

You are probably asking yourself how, or even why, I figured this out. Well, one of the people around here does video production and bought a low tech teleprompter set up last year. Of course, I write down how to do this, so I spent 45 minutes this afternoon figuring it out.

American Chopper

Like the rest of lazy, couch potato America, I’m addicted to watching the dysfunctional family that is the Teutels. But, this Lincoln pickup truck bike episode is driving me nuts. They keep saying that this Lincoln Mark LT is the first pickup from Lincoln. I guess Lincoln really wants to forget about the overpriced bomb that was the Blackwood.

Hanging drywall

Thanks to my father-in-law loaning us a drywall jack and a screw gun, Dad and I made some progress on finishing his garage. We spent most of Saturday and got just less than half the sheets on the ceiling, another day and we should be done.
We aren’t fast, but at least it’s getting done.

My brain hurts

More survey greats:

  • possibly renting out portable USB ports. this would help with the transferring of memory from one computer to the next whether it be our own in our room, the ones in the lab, or someone elses.
  • I consider the services offered excellent. No complaints. It would be nice if you had a stapler physically attached to the table so that we do not have to go searching for one after we print.
  • Provide wireless routers to every URH dorm room, so that every URH dorm room could have wireless access to the University network.

3 more days.