My brain hurts

More survey greats:

  • possibly renting out portable USB ports. this would help with the transferring of memory from one computer to the next whether it be our own in our room, the ones in the lab, or someone elses.
  • I consider the services offered excellent. No complaints. It would be nice if you had a stapler physically attached to the table so that we do not have to go searching for one after we print.
  • Provide wireless routers to every URH dorm room, so that every URH dorm room could have wireless access to the University network.

3 more days.

3 thoughts on “My brain hurts

  1. it still cracks me up that students think they need wireless for the convenience of leaving their laptop on their desk when even if they did ever move it, they can’t go more than 20 feet from the jack before their room ends.

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