It’s been awhile

It’s been quite some time since I’ve put anything up here, so this may end up being a rambling mess.

Hoopeston Area lost a good superintendent last Saturday to an apparent heart attack, Mr. Conolly will be missed.

At CITES, I’ve been working on an RFP for a solution to support our DNS infrastructure. The most I can do is to link to a similar effort being run by The University of Michigan. Hopefully ours will be on the street sometime in January, then I get to work on a committee to evaluate the proposals and maybe some evaluation equipment.

On consulting sites:

  • Hoopeston Public Library has a recently reinstalled IPMasq/Squid box and new “free” wireless service powered by PublicIP’s ZoneCD.
  • Crown Ford and the other dealerships in Hoopeston are now using OpenVPN for securing the traffic between them and we are actively monitoring the bandwidth usage on those links.

The holidays are coming up, I’m not sure what to get anyone, as usual. Hopefully the utilitarian gifts and gift certificates will work again this year. Now, if we can just make it home without borrowing a trailer to haul Robin’s gifts in.

And, as usual, I’m way behind on getting pictures of Robin posted. Maybe next week after we’re done driving all over the Illiana area…

RedHat Certified

I’m now a RedHat Certfied Engineer (RHCE). I spent the last week in a session of RH300 on campus. I didn’t have a perfect score, but I came close, 100/100, 100/100 and 92.9/100. I’ve got a few ideas about what I missed, but there’s no way to know.

Now if I could only get that 9% raise that I’ve seen mentioned online when getting the cert…


So, you want to turn a 14,000 line logfile with 9300 lines like the following, into a summary of the most often seen ip addresses?
Oct 23 01:04:36 in.named[26133]: [ID 873579 local1.warning] client no more recursive clients: quota reached
Oct 23 01:04:36 in.named[26133]: [ID 873579 local1.warning] client no more recursive clients: quota reached

Here’s your one-liner, showing just the top 10 hitters
cat /services/dns/log/named.20061023 | grep 'quota' | tr -s " " | cut -d " " -f 10 | perl -pi -e 's/(.*)#.*/$1/' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n | tail
and it’s output:

A Call from my Congressman

So, I have to write this up.

I got a phone call from Tim Johnson this afternoon. Yes, that Tim Johnson: (R), Illinois 15th District. He was calling to see if I had any issues to raise or questions I’d like to ask of him.

All I could quickly think of was to ask about the Foley scandal, to which he gave a fairly straightforward answer (paraphrasing here, I don’t have recording equipment on my home phone line):

The actions are disgusting, but I don’t want to pass any judgement on the House leadership until a full investigation of the facts of who knew what and when is conducted.

In other words, delay it until after the mid-terms and get it off the front page. Not suprising and very similar to what is being reported at Tim Johnson Watch.

My theories on why he called me:

  • Those ads with him swimming and talking on his cell phone were true
  • I linked to Tim Johnson Watch in a previous post and the domain records on are just a little too easy to decode
  • He really does want the input of his constituents and this is a common occurrence