A Call from my Congressman

So, I have to write this up.

I got a phone call from Tim Johnson this afternoon. Yes, that Tim Johnson: (R), Illinois 15th District. He was calling to see if I had any issues to raise or questions I’d like to ask of him.

All I could quickly think of was to ask about the Foley scandal, to which he gave a fairly straightforward answer (paraphrasing here, I don’t have recording equipment on my home phone line):

The actions are disgusting, but I don’t want to pass any judgement on the House leadership until a full investigation of the facts of who knew what and when is conducted.

In other words, delay it until after the mid-terms and get it off the front page. Not suprising and very similar to what is being reported at Tim Johnson Watch.

My theories on why he called me:

  • Those ads with him swimming and talking on his cell phone were true
  • I linked to Tim Johnson Watch in a previous post and the domain records on betka.net are just a little too easy to decode
  • He really does want the input of his constituents and this is a common occurrence

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