handy sql

So I don’t have to spend 2 hours searching for this yet again:
sp_change_users_login @Action = 'Report'

And, for those using WSUS looking for some nifty queries:
SELECT [LastReportedStatusTime],
FROM [SUSDB].[dbo].[tbComputerTarget] order by ComputerModel, BiosVersion

FROM [SUSDB].[dbo].[tbComputerTarget] group by ComputerModel, BiosVersion order by ComputerModel

Update 08/29/2005:
SELECT COUNT([LastReportedStatusTime]) AS Number,
FROM [SUSDB].[dbo].[tbComputerTarget] group by FullDomainName order by Number DESC

More rain

We got another .9 inches of rain last night, and we lost a tree in the front yard. Looking at the stump/trunk, it looks like there was an injury of some sort to it at a young age that weakened it pretty badly. Now I’m glad I didn’t bother trimming it earlier this year.

Garage drywall done

Updating a previous entry, Mom and Dad insulated the garage last week and I took Friday off to help hang the drywall on the walls. 12’x54″ drywall makes things go real fast when you only have to trim the bottom of the bottom sheet and make a few other cuts. It took us just over a day and a half, including several delays due to rain on Friday and the sweltering heat both days.

Now, somebody has to tape, mud, sand, tape, mud, sand, prime, paint and paint everything….


Thanks to what’s left of hurricane Dennis, Champaign is getting something like real rain. I’ve had nearly 2″ so far. And, like ck, I’m worried about what mowing my yard is going to be like once it dries out.

Highlights from this week’s Carnival of Education

Reading over this weeks Carnival of Education, a few things jumped out at me:

  • Ever heard of MySpace.com?
  • A 10 paragraph report assignment generates a parent mailing surveys to every other parent? Maybe I’m missing something, but if there really weren’t any other smaller reports leading up to this, then I think the parent might have a valid complaint. The teacher should be giving more detailed expectations, as mentioned in the comments.
  • With quotes like this, Mr. Babylon needs a book contract, NOW!

    It was perhaps the most awkward six minutes of my life. Everyone just sat there, crammed into the little student-desks in the bare-walled, stifling hot classroom, staring at the floor.

  • Computers in the classroom are a touchy subject for me, but suggestions to teach more computer repair/troubleshooting skills to high school students that want to learn are right on the mark. Heck, that’s how I got my start, and just look at me now! (Also check out the same guys wonderful details on massive TRS payouts in perpetuity.)
  • Maybe my t-shirts and jeans aren’t appropriate for working at the school district, but I’m hardly ever there during the school day.