Highlights from this week’s Carnival of Education

Reading over this weeks Carnival of Education, a few things jumped out at me:

  • Ever heard of MySpace.com?
  • A 10 paragraph report assignment generates a parent mailing surveys to every other parent? Maybe I’m missing something, but if there really weren’t any other smaller reports leading up to this, then I think the parent might have a valid complaint. The teacher should be giving more detailed expectations, as mentioned in the comments.
  • With quotes like this, Mr. Babylon needs a book contract, NOW!

    It was perhaps the most awkward six minutes of my life. Everyone just sat there, crammed into the little student-desks in the bare-walled, stifling hot classroom, staring at the floor.

  • Computers in the classroom are a touchy subject for me, but suggestions to teach more computer repair/troubleshooting skills to high school students that want to learn are right on the mark. Heck, that’s how I got my start, and just look at me now! (Also check out the same guys wonderful details on massive TRS payouts in perpetuity.)
  • Maybe my t-shirts and jeans aren’t appropriate for working at the school district, but I’m hardly ever there during the school day.

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