Quite Apropos

This article on /. links to a WaPo article on MSNBC about cell phones on campus. The stats they mention are not from the WaPo article, and they aren’t the same as what we are seeing in our survey so far.
The cell phone vs. room phone dilemma is an interesting one, 911 service and general coverage being the biggest problems.

Annual Technology Survey

We are running our annual technology survey, and the same issues that always come up are happening, just like clockwork:

  • “You don’t have application X and I need it for class Y (or just because)!”
    • 9 times out of 10, we have the application, or something very similar. SSH is a perfect example, we’ve got 2 different clients and still people are asking for it.
    • AutoCAD is another common request. We have the regular AutoCAD 2005, but we don’t have the Inventor version that requires a high end 3D video card.
  • “NetTechs are slow!” and “The NetTechs are the greatest thing since sliced bread!”
    • Both these comments can’t be true, but if person A only needed help during opening week, when we are slammed with requests, while person B needs help every other week and has a tech on the same floor…Well, you get the picture.
  • “More wireless internet in the dorms!”
    • We are working on this as fast as we can, adding hotspots to many areas this year and this summer. But, wireless will never replace the wired URHNet connection in the rooms, so don’t ask. And if you don’t know why it won’t, either do some research or ask someone who has dealt with large scale wireless deployments.
  • “The computers in the labs are slow and sucky” and “Having fast, reliable computers in an always open lab is great, keep up the good work!”
    • Similar to the nettech comments, these both can’t be true. Apparently replacing computers every 4 years isn’t often enough for all people. It’s still nice getting compliments.

And, of course, there are just the classic responses:

  • To a question about what additional programming would be nice on our in house cable channel: “More porn like girls gone wild and stuff.”
  • “you guys kick ass
    the network here at school is probably the best i’ve ever connected through. i know it kicks other school networks ass. Lastly i’m very satisfied with how fast problems get fixed if there ever are any. i like u guys u make things run”

Fiero parts anyone?

Why are some people drawn to the strangest cars? This guy seems to have a decent business keeping Pontiac Fiero owners happy. And if you’ve driven through Paxton, IL recently, you’ve probably seen a good chunk of his collection.

And, I can’t help but be overjoyed when I’m driving down the interstate and I see someone pulled over by a cop less than 10 miles after they blew by me going at least 30 over the limit. Hope they got the brakes on before he got the radar gun on them, or that ticket is really going to hurt.