Another Festival over

The 62nd National Sweetcorn Festival is over. I think we shucked nearly 24 tons of corn and served nearly all of it. Another ton or so was leftover on Sunday and good bit of it was sold for $2 per dozen.

Adding to the calorie count: 1 small order of rib tips from Kags Barbeque, 1 taco in a bag, at least 6 ears of corn, 1 pulled pork bbbq sandwich, 1 Conservation Club fish sandwich, several more lemon shakeups and several more beers….

And, I made page two of tomorrows Just the Facts.

Sweetcorn Festival, Saturday

Went to the parade this morning, watched all the emergency vehicles drive by. A few bands, lots of floats.
Spent most of the rest of the afternoon standing at the husker, turning ears of corn the right way. We ran out of corn at 4:30pm and served the last of the cooked corn just before 5 pm.

The calorie count so far: 1 deep fried snickers bar, 1 deep fried giant pork tenderloin, 1 large lemon shakeup and a couple of beers….

Campus response to Katrina

Campus is accepting up to 40 students from the area:

The hurricane left thousands of college students without schools and homes. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is one of a large number of institutions across the nation working to assist these students…. We are able to accommodate up to 40 students and have already received our first one, who will be on campus this weekend and will start classes next Tuesday.

I don’t know if Housing will be involved at all, but good to know in general.