Awake pictures

As promised, some awake pictures.


He’s practicing his Mr. Burns impression. Eventually the fingers will actually tent and drum together.


Not so pleased, but glad to be awake and on camera.

And, since some have asked:

  • Next doctors appointment is the 1 month checkup, end of the month.
  • He’s starting to fill in, haven’t been anywhere to do an official weighing but he’s eating well enough to be gaining weight.
  • Mom is doing just fine, she has a checkup appointment next week.
  • We’re all sleeping well, just not for long periods.

2 thoughts on “Awake pictures

  1. He’s still so little that the only size we need is Newborns. And amazon’s price on those isn’t all that great, Meijer sells the 40 packs for $9.99 and every 3rd purchase you get a $3 off coupon from the coupon printer. I will add to my RSS reader though, looks like a nice site.

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