Beach in San Francisco and Hiking

San Francisco
Beach in San Francisco

Saturday was a day trip up to Hopland, CA to visit the Real Goods store, by way of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge. I wasn’t all that interested in the destination, but the drive sure was nice. (Mental note: Don’t ever buy a Pontiac Grand Prix/G6. They are fine rental cars, but they are truly typical GM.) The return trip was by way of the Oakland side of the Bay, so it was more California interstate confusion than fun drive.

Skyline Dr rest
Sky Londa on Skyline Dr
View from the trail
View from the trail

Sunday was a nice day trip up Skyline Drive to Purisima Creek Redwoods Open Area and some hiking. At the one rest stop we drove through on Skyline Dr, there were lots of people standing around admiring a small, black car. Walking over and talking to the owner, it was an RX7 body with a Corvette engine and a transmission out of a Viper…Someone with too much money.

Another week of class started today, hopefully we’ll make it to a few more attractions evenings this week.

Are pigs flying in Colorado?

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve got a DishNetwork 510 DVR. Sometime last night, new software was downloaded to it that brought a whole slew of new features, including DishNetwork’s long promised version of Tivo’s “SeasonPass“, entertainingly enough called “DishPass”.

(Is it any wonder EchoStar lost the legal/patent battle with Tivo?)

Also in the new features is generalized “Name Based Recording”, though I’m not sure how that differs from DishPass just yet.

I haven’t had anything to record since the update, but here’s hoping that nothing goes horribly wrong.

And, I’m fairly certain I recommended the Silblades to CK, since I had them on my 2001 Dakota in mid-2001 and still have them on the 97 Accord.

Cisco complaining and other things

I’ve been spending a good part of my time at work recently reading large amounts of Cisco documentation for Unified MeetingPlace, Unified Communications Manager (formerly Call Manager) and all the necessary parts and pieces that an enterprise needs to make those work. The most aggravating part of the reading has been finding that no one seems to ever do a “sanity check” on the documentation. For example, our technical engineers keep telling us that the MeetingPlace Network Backup Gateway runs on Windows 2003, even though the release notes for the most recent version say:

Network Backup Gateway must be installed on a 7800 series Cisco Media Convergence Server (MCS) with the Cisco version of the Microsoft Windows 2000 server operating system installed.

Also frustrating initially, very little of the pre-sales technical work seems to have been transferred to the post-sales technical group. Cisco claims to have made a serious effort is correcting this, but we haven’t had another conference call since our concerns got heard by the right people.

In a completely unrelated event, a coworker has joined the ranks of us bloggers, and she’s trying to write one entry every day. I also need to document my thoughts on the record US$100 million fine against McLaren for the Stepney-gate industrial espionage event in F1, but that really should be another post.

New headlight

Since Dad asked me not too long ago, now I can say I remember the last time I changed a headlight. The 97 Accord needed the passengers side one changed last week. $10 at Autozone later, and all is better.

Newer DVR

Apparently I have something for installing DVRs in July. According to a previous entry, 3 years ago I ordered a DishDVR 510 and about a week ago, I called in to Dish Network to take advantage of their current Dish’n It Up promotion and get a “new” DVR. The box showed up and it’s another 510, looks like it’s a remanufactured unit. So, we got a new remote and a more recent hard drive for $49, assuming the promotion credit eventually goes through. Oh well, another 18 months of Dish programming…

Update (7/6/07): Can you tell which remote is the old one?
New and Old


Sometimes, work makes me think. Other times, it just makes me want to scream.

12:48 [someoneelse] and you’re wishing for the return of blissful ignorance?
12:48 [me] yeah
12:49 [me] knowledge is power. and power corrupts. or something
12:49 [someoneelse] unfortunately, the ignorant sleep better