Battlestar Galactica

Like many other people with DVRs and some affinity for sci-fi tv, I’ve been sucked into the new Battlestar Galactica series. I’m exhibiting similar symptoms to what my old college roommate said:

“It has some strange sort of mind control over me, I’m afraid to do anything else while I watch as I might miss something.”

Part of my attraction is that the executive producer is writing a blog about the show, with some entries being about the show and some being about his personal life. It lets the average consumer of the show ask questions of the main creative driving force, getting the answer straight from the source. I like that. Probably the best answers for me are to the more mundane questions, like “Why are the corners on the paper cut off?” and “Why “frack”?”.

But, every few entries, he just knocks the reader off kilter with something like “Don’t be a whore! and SpamAssassin

Looking at some logs, I noticed a bunch of entries for dns queries failing to things like: lame server resolving ‘ After some digging around on Google, I found a mailing list post from announcing the removal of the zone.

Looking at the SpamAssassin docs, this the right line to put in your to disable this particular test:
score RCVD_IN_RFCI 0

Yay, fewer log messages to look at every day.