Silly, Silly vendors

Your DNS May Be EOL

So, I’ve gotten 2 separate notes from 2 separate vendors over the last couple of days proclaiming similar things. Recently, ISC has declared several older versions of BIND “End of Life“. These older versions are no longer supported and may or may not have security issues. But, if your boss gets one of these, you can be sure that he/she will forward it on to the technical people out on the pointy end of the stick to answer for. I hope you don’t even have to think twice, you shouldn’t be running this stuff anymore.

2007 Sweetcorn Festival

Corn on the Cob
The 64th annual Sweetcorn Festival is over, we cooked 21 tons over 3 days. We ran out of corn every day, Monday earlier than other days. Monday was essentially a repeat of last year, the fences were rolled up and the steam engine was ready to leave by 4 pm.

New headlight

Since Dad asked me not too long ago, now I can say I remember the last time I changed a headlight. The 97 Accord needed the passengers side one changed last week. $10 at Autozone later, and all is better.


First day down, 9 hours in the same room with 4 presenters wasn’t bad, but I was at least expecting some hands-on time with the software. No such luck, we were subjected to “death by PowerPoint”.

I now have a much better understanding of the parts and pieces of our creaky CallManager system, but the new one won’t be Call Manager, Cisco has changed the name to “CUCM”, “Cisco Unified Communications Manager” I think.

Dial plans, calling search spaces, route points, SIP, SCCP, CTI, my head is spinning in the acronym soup.

Keynote from the CEO in 45 minutes or so.

Newer DVR

Apparently I have something for installing DVRs in July. According to a previous entry, 3 years ago I ordered a DishDVR 510 and about a week ago, I called in to Dish Network to take advantage of their current Dish’n It Up promotion and get a “new” DVR. The box showed up and it’s another 510, looks like it’s a remanufactured unit. So, we got a new remote and a more recent hard drive for $49, assuming the promotion credit eventually goes through. Oh well, another 18 months of Dish programming…

Update (7/6/07): Can you tell which remote is the old one?
New and Old