HP Remote Support v7.0.5 and ELMC/WCCProxy

It feels like my blog is turning into an anonymous support group for HP EVA customers, but yet another “so this gets into Google” (first, second) post.

We have a pair of HP EVA 4400s (now HP6000) SANs and have a valid support contract. I’m in the process of migrating our CommandView server to newer hardware and a newer OS (Server 2008 R2), so I wanted to go to the latest and greatest versions of CommandView 10.2 and Insight Remote Support 7.0.5. The CommandView install was straightforward, follow the instructions and then the Remote Support install was also pretty easy. After that, it got messy.

In order to monitor a P6000 system with IRS, you need the Event Log Monitoring Collector (ELMC) installed on the Command View server. There are instructions in the HP Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 Monitored Devices Configuration Guide Insight Remote Support Docs to download the installer and find it on the IRS host. But, even after running the installer, no WCCProxy service is created. I’m beginning to wonder if UAC has to be disabled completely, but I figured out a manual way to install the service:

C:Program Files (x86)HPsvctoolscommonwccproxyshare>WCCProxy.exe -i "c:Program Files (x86)HPsvctoolscommonwccproxyshareWCCProxy.exe"

Another warning, follow the instructions for monitoring an EVA carefully, there are several places to get tripped up by not having users in the correct groups or locations.

On to reinstalling the other Command View host!

Update 4/1/2013: The ELMC installer works correctly IIF you run it from the console AND you right click and select Run as Administrator”. So, there’s that.

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