Writing again.

I’m making a conscious effort to start writing here again. I feel kind of like Twitter has destroyed my ability to write anything longer than 140 characters.

So, some family stuff.

Robin has started Cub Scouts as a Tiger Cub with Pack 98. I’m personally bothered by some of the things that the national Scouting organization does, but the local pack seems to be a good group and is run out of a school, instead of a church, so there’s that. For now, he’s going because he enjoys it. Once he’s old enough to understand the controversy and issues, we’ll have a talk about it and he can decide if he wants to continue past Cub Scouting.

Jonathan is climbing out of his crib on a regular basis, but refuses to let us convert it to a toddler bed or swap it out with the car bed that Robin had. We changed the bed over tonight, lets see how this goes.

I’ve been trying to cook more often, mostly using recipes I find online. And we’re also trying to plan those meals better: Put together a list of recipes, buy the ingredients for multiple meals in one trip, plan out the week of meals and have them ready not too long after getting home. One example recipe that came out really well: Spiced Pork Roast with Veggies. I didn’t realize butternut squash was so sweet once cooked.

I’ll save the work stuff for another post.

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