Jonathan: Stories

So, like with Robin, there are a few stories I should write down before we forget them.

  • Alisha’s water broke at home this time, she was pretty nonchalant about the occurrence, until she noticed the contractions weren’t that far apart. She said I should call my mother to get her to come over and watch Robin. Robin was asleep and Mom had an hour to drive, so we thought we had plenty of time. (After the fact, Alisha said we probably should have called our closer help and gone to the hospital sooner.)
  • Once my mother arrived, we got right in the car and went to the hospital. The 57 to 74 ramp was not a fun place for Alisha to have a contraction.
  • We went directly to Labor and Delivery and got the quickest admission process I’ve ever seen. They got an IV started, after a little assistance, and got fluids hung. Next up was the epidural, which went just fine.
  • Time seemed to go faster than usual, but there was quite a bit of waiting. I sort of learned how to read the monitor that shows contractions and fetal heart rate, so I could give Alisha some feedback on what was happening, and verify what she was feeling.
  • The nurse midwife came in and decided to do a check of things, and his head was about an inch from coming out. (I’ll spare all the details from here on, other than to say childbirth is a miracle. And anyone that can, or chooses to, do it without drugs is an amazingly silly person.) 25 minutes later, Jonathan Allen was born.
  • Most of the post birth health checks and things were done in the room, but eventually Jonathan had to be taken to the nursery for his first bath, immunizations and other things. While he was gone, I called the grandparents and others and then we got moved up a floor to our postpartum room.

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