Avon Walk update

Alisha successfully walked 26.2 miles yesterday and 13.1 miles today. One other member of the team also walked the full distance, most of the others managed 13.1 yesterday and today. She’s tired, sore and blistered, but it’s a good cause. We got back to Champaign a little after 6 pm, after leaving downtown Chicago without attending the closing ceremony. The other 2 husbands and I had some fun, but this weekend was more about the walk than anything else.

And now, some pictures.
First, compare and contrast the before and after shots:
(Many thanks to Kelly’s brother Phil for buying and bringing the bouquets.)

And the proof is in the blisters, not real clear, but they are there.

The rest of the pictures are here, Alisha is probably most proud of the timestamps on the first two, proving she was wide awake and moving at 5:07 am.

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