Word Power

I was reading one of my favorite sections in The Onion today and started off on an interesting journey. Seeing Dan’s success with “santorum“, he got a challenge to try and revive some words that have fallen out of common use, kakistocracy was one of them. I then had to go searching Google to make sure this was a real word. It is, and I stumbled upon something that’s almost funny in light of the current political atmosphere: The Clinton Kakistocracy.
I wish Dubya had only gotten a blowjob from an intern. Lets go down the checklist:

  • Using questionable military actions to distract from other shortcomings in the administration? CHECK
  • Claiming your advisors all back your actions when there is nothing close to a concensus? CHECK
  • Having a bunch of two faced partisans claim that partisan action, by the other side of course, is behind all of this? CHECK
  • “lemming-like recitation of ‘I believe the president'”? CHECK (Just watch two Sunday morning talking-head, gasbag shows and feel the talking points wearing at your soul).

And to top it all off:

“With evidence now gathered since the bombing, it is certain the attack was, at best, a poorly planned military exercise and at worst a multi-million dollar deadly diversion.”

Poor planning? Billions spent distracting us from the real target?
Heres to hoping I’m only drinking because of the game after the debate tommorrow.

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