Rain, Poker and Work

I traded working opening Sunday for Friday off and spent the day working in Hoopeston. Finally got my linux workstation moved over to new hardware and RedHat Enterprise Linux. It’s also got many other “duties as assigned”, so it needs Enterprise.

Friday night, as it rained, we played 2 “Luxor rules” games of poker: 300 chips and 10 minute blind increases. After a couple of quick all ins, we were down to 3. I proceded to win that game. Then we played a full game, which I also won. And I won the final “Luxor rules” game. And it kept raining almost the entire time. I’m going to have to start calling that Hawaiian shirt my lucky poker shirt.

Saturday, I took Dad’s Dell over to the school to install XPSP2 since I didn’t think downloading 200MB+ over dialup sounded like much fun. This was the first time I’d actually seen the install in person, so I spent some time playing with it. One thing I noticed is that the installer uses file transfer methods that don’t appear to take advantage of web caching systems, squid in particular. That can’t be good. Spent some time working after that and some time removing spyware and viruses from computers at a nonprofit. Saturday night’s poker games weren’t quite as good to me, but I can’t complain. Oh, and it was raining again. So much so that I was worried about being able to get back to my parents house. I didn’t have any problems, but the next morning the water wasn’t much below where it was in June.

And now I’m watching all the Formula 1 that I DVRed over the weekend.