Network bad, quarantine good

Well, as previously mentioned, I’ve been disabling URHnet connections like a fiend and yesterday was no exception: about 60 between 9 am and 4 pm and another 40 or so last night. All of this is due to some piece of malware that none of the anti-virus vendors seem to be catching yet. With the rate of change on the sdbot family, I’m not all that suprised.

One thing that’s different this year is that we’re not really disabling the connections, they are being moved to a network that has no connection to the outside world, called the “quarantine vlan”. There is just one DHCP server/DNS server/web server/ftp server machine, with a few instructions for the residents and some tools for our NetTechs to use. Thanks to some hard work by the fine people at CITES backbone and LAN maintenance groups, NetTechs have the ability to change which network a room is on from a webpage. So, really, no more disabled rooms, unless they are doing something Really Bad.

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