Exchange for midsize businesses

So, I went to the Exchange for Midsize businesses session thinking we just might fit in that category and I wasn’t wrong: anything over ~75 and under 1000 mailboxes is what they call midsize. Most of what was in the session was a re-hash of previous sessions: spam blocking with IMF, Exchange 2003 SP1, explanations of how RPC over HTTPS needs just about everything to be very modern, cache mode for Outlook 2003, etc. A couple of things I noticed: The IMF installer doesn’t look very polished, it pops several NET.EXE windows (probably starting services) towards the end. Not a big deal, but why do something so kludgy?

At lunch I sat with a couple people from Nebraska, a lady from Des Moines and a lady from Italy. The lady from Italy said that it was considerably cheaper for her to fly half way around the world to TechEd than to attend one of the shorter TechEds in Europe. Nice comment on the shrinking value of the dollar.

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